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To know Him, and make Him known.

Giving gifts of eternal value to make the difference in someones life.

Who we


A place to ask questions, seek the truth, and join the journey.

The movement of God using QR codes to reach people with the gospel is an exciting development in the world of evangelism.

It shows that the Christian faith is adaptable and relevant to the modern world and that there are always new and creative ways to share the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. As this movement continues to grow, it’s likely that we will see even more innovative approaches to sharing the gospel in the years ahead.

Our Goal

We believe that a life in Christ is the key to true fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

We want to see people develop a deep relationship with God, become more like Jesus, and fulfill their unique calling and purpose in life. As we become more like Jesus, we develop the character and qualities that enable us to live a life of purpose and meaning.

A unique way to learn about who you are and what you were created for.

In 2022, the Lord began to suggest one way for His people to share their faith with friends, family, and community, is to place a QR code that matches the message of Truth printed on that gift. We then created a corresponding website that uses the QR code to lead the recipient of the gift to ways to learn more about God.  The site would offer ways to learn who He is, and ways get to know Him through the Truths and questions. We are to provide a place for prayer, questions, and direction for those asking, seeking, and knocking. Then over time, a community will develop by interacting with the Truth, videos, worship, prayer, and music on the community website.

Purchase Gift

An individual purchases a gift for a loved one.

Gift Received

The individual receives gift and notices QR code.

Scan QR code

Recipient of gift scans qr code.

Deeper Faith

The individual then has a chance to learn more about Jesus.