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Who is God? God is the Creator of heaven and earth, you, and all the universe.

As Creator, He owns all of us and we are His masterpiece along with the rest of the universe. He is amazing to have the power to speak all things into existence.

But we, humanity, disobeyed God’s will and rebelled against His explicit directions in the beginning.  The human race continues to rebel and behave more and more wickedly when left to our own devices.

However, God is Love, and His love compelled Him to save and or purchase back His creation including us.  We are His crown of creation made in God’s likeness and His image.

God found a man who would believe and trust God’s voice.  His name was Abraham. So God made a covenant, or agreement, with him: you believe Me and I promise to bring salvation through your faith and trust in Me.

Abraham agreed and God began to reveal Himself by introducing various names of promises or covenants beginning with a name in Hebrew (Abraham’s native language) “Jehovah Jireh.” Jehovah means, “I am that I am, the eternal self-existent one!” And Jireh means “provide.” So God promises to Abraham and to all who will believe and trust God, that He is the eternal, almighty God who will provide for them naturally.  By God asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, He was foretelling the giving of God’s Son, Jesus for the sin of the whole world.

Just as Abraham gave up his son, God is promising to humanity, “I’ll send my Son and give Him up for the world.”


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